Trash Collection

Pick-up on Tuesdays & Fridays

Pet owners remember to “Scoop the Poop” (City of Richardson Ordinance).   As a courtesy, RCCA has  installed 2 pet waste baggie stations (one near the dumpster by mailboxes) and one disposal bin located in the courtyard.  Send an online maintenance form (with photos) regarding complaints about neighbors and issues you may notice in the common areas of our community.


To keep our community looking fresh and inviting, we can all pick up stray trash as we happen upon it.  Please remember the following:

*​Dumpsters are for PERSONAL use of RC Residents Only.

​*Place all items INSIDE the dumpster. The City will NOT pick up anything left outside the dumpsters.

*Flatten boxes to save space.

*If dumpster is full, please wait until has been emptied to leave your trash.

*The City will NOT haul off bulk items from Townhome, Condo, or Apartment complexes.
​*To arrange for disposal of bulk items or hazardous waste, click link below: Citizen Convenience Centers

Trash Disposal Policy (on Page 9)
Trash Collection Flyer

Your contractor must remove old fixtures when you have any type of remodeling work done. The dumpsters are for personal use of residents only, not contractor. Please inform contractors to haul off old items.​

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