Note From Webmaster:
In order to ensure a well-documented process and to maintain a level of organization, please use the form on this site.  If you do not hear back within a reasonable amount of time, re-submit this form indicating the appropriate follow-up checkbox and any other applicable subjects.  All maintenance request forms are sent to the email address  Please submit photos and documents through our website so it is automatically saved on our server instead of just attaching photos in an e-mail or text message because there is no official record or timestamp.  This request not only protects you the homeowner, but helps us stay organized.



With 74 units, plus common areas, it is critical for us to follow a procedure for requesting repairs. All requests must be submitted through the online form. Conversations in the parking lot are not sufficient to get the ball rolling!  ​ 

The Maintenance Team is always eager to hear from homeowners and tenants who are willing to suggest  solutions to challenges, recommend vendors, communicate with vendors or homeowners, or  join in any other way to make our community ever better!  

In A Hurry?

To arrange for the repair yourself rather than waiting for HOA funds to come available, please refer to FAQs and contact us here to discuss the procedure.

To offer your expertise, advice, suggestions to the maintenance crew.. Maintenance requests for indiviudal units must be submitted by the owner of the unit or by his or her designated proxy (initial documentation required). If you are an owner submitting for your tenant, please also include the tenant's name & contact information.