Frequently asked questions

We hope this page helps you in your search for answers. If you do not find your particular    question, please go to the CONTACTS page to send an inquiry to the appropriate person.

  • Reimbursements for Repairs

Q-What if I want to make a repair and be reimbursed for work that is the responsibility of the HOA 

     rather than waiting for the HOA funds to become available?
A-All homeowner repairs submitted for reimbursement must meet all four of the following

          1.  the area in need of repair must be inspected by a member of our Maintenance Team and   

               approved by the Board in advance;
          2.  the repair must be done by one of our approved vendors;
          3.  the completed work must be reviewed by the maintenance team
          4.  the original receipts must be submitted to the Board
    If your work meets all four of these criteria, the Board may approve immediate reimbursement if 

    the cost is $500 or less, or the Board may provide you with a promissory note pledging to

    reimburse you as funds become available after we have completed repairs of roofs and

    foundations currently in the queue, and any emergency repairs.

Q-What if I do not meet the criteria above but the repair work was the HOA's responsibility and the

    cost was covered by me personally?
A-These cases will be reviewed and voted on individually by the Board. Please schedule a special

    hearing prior to the monthly Board meeting if you would like to have your case reviewed.  

Q-Can I refuse to pay my dues in lieu of fixing my repairs?
A-No. The board has ruled that the payment of dues is to be kept separate from the reimbursements

    to homeowners, as the bylaws agree. Anyone refusing to pay dues for any reason will be subject to

    any and all late penalties and foreclosure proceedings.

  • Status of Repairs

Q-How do I find out the status of my Maintenance Request?  
A-Please go to the CONTACTS page on the website to send an inquiry form or email

  • Mailbox Keys

Q-How do I get a mailbox key?        
A-If you are a tenant, contact your landlord.  If you are an owner, refer to manufacturer   

    information on the mailbox and purchase a lost key and 5-pin tumbler lock set from a local 

    vendor. For your protection and privacy, the Board does not have access to mailbox keys.

  • Approved Colors

Q-What is the approved exterior paint color for painting front, rear and garage doors?
A-Glidden Evermore - HD6112 Base 2 exterior acrylic latex flat, available at most local paint stores. 

  • Insurance

Q – How do I get the certificate of insurance for the condominium master policy?  
A-  Contact Sunni Josey Insurance Agency (Farmers Insurance)
     Address: 1504 N Greenville Ave #110, Allen, TX 75002
     Phone: (972) 678-4544