Condominium Association


Can I rent the clubhouse for a private gathering?

​​Yes!  Please see the "Rules & Regs"page for forms.


How do I get the certificate of insurance for the condominium master policy?  

Sunni Josey Insurance Agency
​Farmers Insurance
1504 N Greenville Ave #110, Allen, TX 75002
Phone: (972) 678-4544​​

Required Contact Information

What contact information must I provide for myself or my tenant?

For everyone's safety and property upkeep,, you must provide telephone, email, and vehicle information for both you and your tenant, i(f you have one.) to the HOA Board Secretary.      Please see the"Rules & Regs"page for forms.

Frequently Asked Questions​


What about pets?

We are a pet-friendly environment (non-exotic animals).  In fact, our pets often introduce us to our neighbors and encourage community interaction!​​ Of course, residents are expected to pick up after their pets and follow Richardson leash laws..​

Information Center

​​Mailbox Keys

How do I get a mailbox key?         

​If you are a tenant, contact your landlord.  If you are an owner, refer to manufacturer information on the mailbox and purchase a lost key and 5-pin tumbler lock set from a local vendor. For your protection and privacy, the Board does not have access to mailbox keys.

How does our community work?

Homeowners are elected to the HOA Board at required annual meetings in the fall.  We do not employ an outside management company.  The required quorum for the Annual Members Meeting in the fall is 25 units (one vote from each) and can be met with proxy representation.  Issues that a homeowner would like the Board to discuss are submitted to the President.