​Maintenance &

Repair Procedure

The Secretary will log your request and a maintenance committee member will contact you to inspect the problem, determine its priority in relation to other community repairs, and if appropriate, arrange for bids. Allow up to 3 days.

AFTER the Board approves the work and funding, the Maintenance Committee will communicate with you and the contractor(s) to schedule the work.

When all information has been collected, it is sent to the Board of Directors to determine when funding will be available.

Maintenance request procedure

                        IN A HURRY?
To arrange for the repair yourself rather than waiting for HOA funds to come available, please refer to
   FAQs and then contact the President to discuss the procedure.

                     ​   With 74 units, plus                            commons areas, it is critical for us to follow a procedure for requesting repairs. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE  ONLINE FORM .

Conversations in the parking lot are not sufficient to get the ball rolling! 

*For non-computer users, forms are available in the black mailbox at the clubhouse. Place the form in the mail slot on the door.